Animal Transfer Station Services

Services for Animal Transfer Stations

Many types of research done today incorporate animal subjects. Besides ensuring lab workers’ safety and health, animal transfer stations allow for easy transport and transfer while also being designed with the animal in mind. But as with any laboratory equipment, regular checks are necessary to ensure top performance and compliance. Our DigeLab team is equipped to keep your animal transfer stations up-to-date and functioning well.

Animal Transfer Station Equipment Certification

To achieve the best results from laboratory experiments and studies, you will want to be sure that equipment is fully functional and operating efficiently. DigeLab’s certification procedures will ensure that your animal transfer stations are certified by credentialed professionals who conform to all relevant protocols and guidelines.

Regardless of how often your animal transfer stations need recertification – whether every six months, annually, or after relocation, maintenance, or repair – DigeLab Solutions’ trained staff can certify that equipment is working properly and is safe for regular use. Because these stations protect lab techs from potential allergens, contaminants, and other biohazards, correct functioning is essential. This includes making sure that filters and ventilation systems are reliable.

Animal Transfer Station Decontamination and Cleaning

When one project ends and another begins, or even at regular intervals during an experiment’s timeline, animal transfer stations will need to be thoroughly cleaned. The approach that DigeLab technicians take will vary based on the nature of the equipment, but you can be sure that it will always be done to the highest standards. Whether steam application, vaporized or gaseous decontaminant, or traditional washing and scrubbing are needed, our equipment specialists will ensure that your animal transfer stations are safely deep-cleaned.

Our decontamination procedures will create clean surfaces that are safe to handle. Sterilization, disinfection, and antisepsis are all varying levels of decontamination that DigeLab specialists might employ. With clean equipment, both animals and lab workers are protected from pathogens.

Animal Transfer Station Safety Inspections

For the best experiment outcomes, you will want to know that animal transfer stations are operating as they should. This ensures that subjects and researchers are not unduly exposed to harmful stimuli or substances. DigeLab inspectors will execute visual and test-based inspections to certify that air flow, ventilation systems, filtration, light intensity, electrical operation, and other factors like sound and vibration are within accepted parameters. 

DigeLab Solutions uses the highest standards for animal transfer station inspections. Our scrupulous safety investigation is recommended any time that a unit is moved, relocated, or updated. Regular safety inspections keep employees protected from exposure to contaminants, but we know that life and work keep you busy. To aid your safety and success we are happy to remind you of upcoming service dates.

Animal Transfer Station Maintenance and Repair

Animal facilities employ various pieces of equipment that need routine preventive maintenance. Frequency will depend on the age of the equipment, frequency of use, manufacturer’s specifications, and the type of service requested. Rest assured though that whatever need you have for equipment maintenance and repair, DigeLab professionals will handle the task and address your concerns in a timely manner. Our team will also make themselves available during after hours so that repairs and maintenance can be completed with the minimal amount of equipment downtime.

Animal Transfer Station Delivery, Moving, and Storage

The time may come when you need to perform renovations or repairs to your lab space. Or perhaps you need to move locations, consolidate lab space, or shut down a facility. In addition to laboratory clean out, moving equipment can be a stressful experience. At DigeLab Solutions we recognize that your research is your life’s work and we are happy to be a part of preserving your endeavors. 

As you plan for a potentially complicated move, know that our experts are ready to relocate animal transfer stations and even store items that cannot be delivered to the end site due to lack of construction or needed infrastructure. Our facilities provide the ideal environment to store your precision equipment, and our team will gladly deliver the items when your new site is ready to receive them. Upon delivery our technicians will reinstall animal transfer stations and ensure that they are up and running according to specifications. We are also able to issue new certifications for any relocated equipment.

Animal Transfer Station Installation

Correct installation of animal transfer stations takes into account many variables, including ventilation and airflow concerns as well as environmental factors like lighting, sound, and vibration. Skilled experts need to be involved to ensure success and the best possible conditions for workers and animal subjects. You can rely on DigeLab Solutions’ expertise and dedication to correctly and efficiently install your new, relocated, or updated equipment. We can also issue a certification that attests to the safe operation of the unit.

Animal Transfer Station Services in the New York Metropolitan Area

At DigeLab Solutions we serve varied industries, including medical and pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing facilities, research laboratories, and others. Our experience serving a variety of clients provides a unique advantage for our customers and enables us to offer valuable product insight and recommendations. We dedicate time to grow skills and develop expertise, but we never forget about customer service. 

DigeLab’s highly skilled team is responsive, professional, and ready to help. Your safety is our top priority and your satisfaction is our delight. If your facilities are located in the New York Metropolitan area and you are in need of animal transfer station certification, decontamination, relocation, or maintenance, contact DigeLab Solutions today. Give us a call or reach out with an online message and we can begin to assess your requirements and work at exceeding your expectations.