Laminar Airflow Hood Services

Services for Laminar Airflow Hoods

Steady and predictable airflow is vital in any laboratory setting. Faulty or inadequate ventilation can be dangerous and put staff at risk. Laminar airflow hoods ensure that air is flowing with a uniform velocity and direction inside of a designated space. And skilled DigeLab technicians are available to service your laboratory’s vertical or horizontal laminar airflow hoods to keep operations safe and up to industry standards. Here is a synopsis of the relevant services we offer.

Laminar Airflow Hood Certification

Medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and other industries require clean air for laboratory work. DigeLab technicians will ensure that your laminar airflow hood is operating correctly, stabilizing airflow, and allowing for accurate results. You will receive the needed certification to show that at the time of installation and throughout the life of the hood it is compliant with applicable standards and codes.

Common airflow hood tests ensure that the integrity of any HEPA filters is not compromised, along with a thorough inspection of all critical parts. Technicians will ensure that the hood does not leak and that airflow patterns are appropriate, per desired specifications. Certifications are done in accordance with regulatory standards and must be done after installation, when filters are changed and repairs made, after relocation, and at regular 6-month intervals. DigeLab Solutions is happy to remind you of upcoming certification dates.

Laminar Airflow Hood Decontamination and Cleaning

Biological safety cabinets often feature laminar airflow hoods. In order to keep laboratory enclosures and workspaces free of contaminated air, HEPA filters work to remove impurities and dangerous substances or particles. Many categories exist, but all laminar airflow hoods use unidirectional airflow to maintain sterility and reduce turbulence.

Aside from regular cleaning between uses, it can require some specialized knowledge and materials to ensure that laminar airflow hoods are as clean as they need to be for safe operation. If your lab’s equipment is in need of a deep cleaning, from sanitizing to disinfection or sterilization, DigeLab technicians can handle the task. They are sure to clean according to up-to-date protocol, using techniques and cleaning agents that are appropriate for your specific needs. Our methods can help you to make sure that when research teams or projects shift, everyone is still protected.

Laminar Airflow Hood Safety Inspections

Laminar airflow hoods feature various filters that remove contaminants from the air within the unit. These filters range from simple to complex and need to be changed on a regular basis to ensure safe operation. Blowers are also essential to proper performance and safety. DigeLab’s skilled technicians can test to make sure that air is moving at the correct rate, which is vital to the unit’s overall safety. 

Besides testing for correct operation, staff can also look for any other components that are in need of adjusting or replacement. Consistent, thorough inspections ensure that laboratory research workers are operating under the safest conditions possible. At DigeLab Solutions we can keep your equipment in top shape. 

Laminar Airflow Hood Maintenance and Repair

From filters and blowers to other key mechanical components or operational parameters, DigeLab professionals can repair and maintain your laminar airflow hood and keep it functioning correctly. They will use calibrated instrumentation to determine that the hood is operating accurately and if any adjustments need to be made. Certification is provided to meet guidelines and manufacturer specifications.

At DigeLab Solutions our technicians are familiar with and able to service a variety of laminar airflow hoods from different vendors. Needed work will be identified, scheduled, and performed with little impact on your lab and only the minimum downtime. Our experts are also available for maintenance and repair jobs at off-hour times for your ultimate convenience.

Laminar Airflow Hood Delivery, Moving, and Storage

You may eventually need to relocate your laboratory operations to a new space. Whether this is within a complex, nearby, or at some distance, DigeLab can help. The logistics involved with safely relocating precision equipment can be a challenge. And if the new site isn’t quite ready, you might need facilities available for temporary storage.

At DigeLab, not only can we physically relocate your laminar airflow hood to your new lab site, but we can also offer interim storage to our clients. Once the hood is reinstalled and operational, we can also provide necessary certifications and inspections to keep equipment compliant with codes and regulations.

Laminar Airflow Hood Installation

This specialized piece of lab equipment is typically installed above other standard pieces, such as biosafety cabinets, ensuring a proper and even flow of air in labs and clean rooms. At DigeLab we know that precision is key to safety, accurate results, and reliable data output. You can rest assured that our skilled team will consider all relevant specifications and your preferences when installing your laminar airflow hood. We are also able to provide necessary documentation and certifications showing that the hood is functioning properly at the time of installation.

Laminar Airflow Hood Services in the New York Metropolitan Area

DigeLab Solutions currently serves an array of clients, including industrial and pharmaceutical facilities, research labs, universities and colleges, medical device manufacturers, and grant researchers throughout the New York Metropolitan area. We also outfit labs for data centers and hospital, healthcare, and biotech facilities. DigeLab specializes in lab facility safety, certification, maintenance, and repair. It’s our joy and privilege to provide our clients with the highest level of safety and technical consultation.

If you are in need of laminar airflow hood installation, cleaning, maintenance, or inspection and are in the New York Metropolitan area, reach out to learn how DigeLab Solutions’ certified technicians can help. Please feel free to call us directly or send an online request. We look forward to assisting you!