Biosafety Cabinet Certification & Services

Biosafety Cabinet Services

There is no room for error when it comes to the performance of biosafety cabinets.  These specialized cabinets are designed with exacting specifications and it is crucial that each biosafety cabinet is maintained to the utmost standards.  

Due to the high level of contamination risk, the condition and quality of biosafety cabinets must be attended to with extreme care and attention to detail. DigiLab Solutions is committed to providing superior biosafety cabinet services that meet and exceed the demands of your facility.

Biosafety Cabinet Certification

The process of certifying biosafety cabinets must be conducted with exacting precision.  Certification is required to ensure pathogenic contaminants are safely contained so testing can be done on materials without fear of contamination or risk of exposure to potentially lethal microbes. All biosafety cabinets must be certified by credentialed professionals. 

The dedicated technicians at DigeLab Solutions are expertly equipped to assess and certify biosafety cabinets at all levels. Our authorized technicians provide certifications for new biosafety cabinets. We also offer annual and bi-annual certification services. If a medical facility requires recertification after relocating, DigeLab can fulfill that need as well.  After thorough, precise testing and assessment, we issue full documentation backed by authorized governmental institutions that assure each biosafety cabinet is certified at maximum levels of functionality and efficacy. We’ll also send you a timely reminder when your next certification is due.

Biosafety Cabinet Decontamination and Cleaning

It is vital for each biosafety cabinet to be pristinely cleaned and decontaminated by certified professionals. Our accredited technicians are expertly trained to handle all biosafety cabinet cleaning requirements. It's important to note that intense procedures and standards must be followed to render faultless decontamination of biosafety cabinets so that maximum results are achieved. 

Periodically decontaminating a biosafety cabinet is necessary in order to maintain quality containment and sterility. Precise techniques and intense attention to safety are requisite for cleaning. Our specialists have undergone rigorous training and certification to establish superior biosafety cabinet maintenance cleanliness and decontamination. 

Biosafety Cabinet Safety Inspections

DigeLab Solutions provides quality safety inspections to ensure the protection of laboratory workers. Safety inspections are necessary to determine risk assessment as well as determining the efficacy of containment. 

DigeLab Solutions has the highest standards for biosafety cabinet safety inspections. Our scrupulous safety inspections are recommended every time a biosafety cabinet is moved or relocated. Additionally, safety inspections must be conducted on a regular basis so that employees are fully protected from contaminants. When you’re due for inspections or service we will send a friendly reminder so that you can schedule your appointment as conveniently as possible.

Biosafety Cabinet Maintenance and Repair

Professional maintenance and repairs are essential for biosafety cabinets. When maintenance is required, DigeLab Solutions goes above and beyond to meet service needs. 

Our business is about keeping your biosafety cabinets and laboratory conditions supremely safe and functioning to utmost excellence. We demonstrate our commitment to full-service repairs and safety by extending after-hour service calls. DigeLab will work on your time schedule to satisfy maintenance and repair requirements.  If there is a need for replacement parts or extensive repairs, DigeLab can take care of this with ease. Our commitment to high-quality service to keep biosafety cabinets in superior working order is top priority.

Biosafety Cabinet Delivery, Moving, and Storage

Any industrial relocation presents major challenges. However, moving or relocating biosafety cabinets requires specialized, fully certified professionals to make certain the transition is done correctly and safely without incurring damages to the equipment. DigeLab Solutions transports biosafety cabinets with meticulous care and paramount attention to safety concerns. 

Our services also include delivery and storage. Special procedures are required for properly delivering biosafety cabinets to avoid damaging the integrity of the containment systems. That is why our highly trained and certified professionals are the best answer. We will deliver biosafety cabinets at the time specified and we will also set up your unit so there is no fear of malfunctions or substandard performance.

If there is a need for storage, DigeLab Solutions is prepared to handle that request. Our facilities are specifically equipped to store biosafety cabinets according to regulation standards. Maintaining, certifying, cleaning, or moving biosafety cabinets requires intense care to satisfy elevated industry standards.

Biosafety Cabinet Service Professionals in the New York Metropolitan Area

DigeLab Solutions serves a wide range of industries including medical and pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing facilities, research laboratories, and more. Our experience serving a variety of clients provides a unique advantage for our customers and enables us to offer valuable insight and recommendations.

Your safety is our utmost priority. Your satisfaction is our delight. For your biosafety cabinet certification, decontamination, and maintenance needs contact DigeLab Solutions today so we can assess your requirements and begin exceeding your expectations.