Fume Hood Certification & Services

Services for Chemical Fume Hoods

Dangerous chemical fumes are an expected byproduct of many types of lab work. Fume hoods are one way you make sure that employees are protected against harmful vapors. At DigeLab Solutions we ensure that your equipment stays in top shape. Here is a synopsis of the chemical fume hood services we offer.

Fume Hood Certification

When a DigeLab technician handles the initial setup of your chemical fume hood, they can issue the necessary certification showing that it is compliant with relevant standards and codes. You can then operate your new hood, knowing that it is safely and effectively removing harmful chemical vapors from your workspace. 

Certifications can also be issued on an annual or biannual basis. DigeLab Solutions sends friendly reminders when your next certification is due. If you need to relocate a chemical fume hood, we can recertify the unit after delivery and setup. With any certification done you will receive full documentation showing that the fume hood was operating correctly at the time of the inspection.

Fume Hood Decontamination

Our specialists have undergone rigorous training and certification to establish superior cleanliness and decontamination for fume hoods. Whether you require a basic cleaning or an in-depth decontamination – removing baffles and emptying troughs – our team of certified technicians can restore your lab’s fume hood to a safe and pristine condition.

Labs in heavy use will merit regularly scheduled cleanings. This is especially important before any planned renovations, to protect contractors from coming into contact with harmful chemicals. Should a new team need to use your lab, decontamination is recommended and often required to avoid cross contamination. 

Fume Hood Safety Inspections

At DigeLab we want to ensure that our clients are operating safe equipment. Regular inspections give us the opportunity to pinpoint issues and identify potential future problems. The timeframe will vary depending on the fume hood’s use, but annual inspections are a general rule. And anytime that there is a change to your ventilation device, an inspection will also be in order.

When we inspect your chemical fume hood, we will perform various tests to ensure that sound, air flow, containment, velocity, exhaust, and general performance are compliant with applicable safety guidelines. We also ensure that our testing meets standards set forth by OSHA, AIHA/ANSI, SEFA, NFPA, NEBB and ASHRAE. If a fume hood fails an inspection and requires maintenance or repair, DigeLab Solutions can handle the job and quickly get your lab back to fully operational.

Fume Hood Maintenance and Repair

If your equipment is out of order, of if a scheduled inspection or your daily visual inspections reveal a problem, DigeLab technicians can provide you with needed maintenance and repair. We supply all the parts and labor needed, and can also perform upgrades to boost your current fume hood’s performance.

At DigeLab Solutions we are familiar with and can service a wide array of fume hoods from various vendors. Any necessary work will be identified, scheduled, and performed with little impact on your lab. Our technicians can even handle maintenance and repair jobs at off-hour times for your convenience. 

Fume Hood Delivery, Moving and Storage

We know that sometimes our clients need to move their lab operations to a new location. The logistics of moving your chemical fume hood could present issues. And if the site isn’t fully constructed or outfitted with the needed accommodations, you may need to store your equipment temporarily.

At DigeLab we can help. Our technicians will physically relocate your chemical fume hood to your new lab. And if the area isn’t ready, we can store the unit at our standard-compliant facility. Once you are ready to receive your fume hood, we are happy to transport it for you.

Fume Hood Installation

Location is key when determining where to install your chemical fume hood. DigeLab technicians are fully certified and knowledgeable when it comes to fume hood placement. Among other factors, we will take into consideration laboratory layout, proximity to workstations, and distance from exits. The ideal installation site allows for optimal performance, minimal interference, and a high degree of safety.

Because storage of chemicals within a fume hood is highly dangerous, we recommend installation over a specially designed biosafety cabinet. Rest assured that our skilled team will consider the location, support, exhaust, electrical power, and service line requirements prior to installation. 

Your Local Chemical Fume Hood Professionals

DigeLab Solutions currently serves an array of clients, including industrial and pharmaceutical facilities, research labs, universities and colleges, medical device manufacturers, and grant researchers throughout the New York Metropolitan area. We also outfit labs for data centers and hospital, healthcare, and biotech facilities. DigeLab specializes in keeping your lab facilities safe, certified, and repaired. It’s our honor and privilege to provide the highest caliber of safety and technical consultation.

We are experts at what we do, but we know that everything comes back to stellar customer service. So we will handle your chemical fume hood needs on time and to your satisfaction. Our team is responsive, professional, and ready to go beyond your expectations. We pride ourselves on offering product insights to our clients, always adding to the value of our services.

If you are in need of fume hood installation, cleaning, or maintenance and would like to learn how DigeLab Solutions can help, please call or send an online request. We look forward to assisting you!